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45 hours 32 minutes of Challenge of the Yukon
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The Challenge of the Yukon was a long-running adventure show that aired from February 3, 1938 to June 9, 1955. It featured Paul Sutton as Sergeant William Preston, the show’s main character, along with the “Yukon King,” his sidekick. The story was about how Preston and his sidekick fought the evildoers during the period of the Gold Rush in the 1890s.
Throughout its run, the show was heard over different networks, starting from Detroits WXYZ, then to ABC from 1947 to 1949, and finally on Mutual from 1950 until the last episode on 1955.
The show later had its TV adaptation.

04/23/1942 - 04/06/1944

04/13/1944 - 02/13/945

02/13/1945 - 11/13/945

11/20/1945 - 08/29/1946

09/12/1946 - 07/03/947

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