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237 hours 20 minutes of Superman
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Single Episodes
Series Group A
Airplane Disasters at Bridger Field
Alonzo Craig: Arctic Explorer
Yellow Mask and Five Million Dollar Jewel Robbery
A Mystery for Superman
Atom Man in Metropolis
Al Vincent's Corrupt Political Machine

Series Group B
Batman's Great Mystery
Buffalo Hills
Candy Meyer's Big Story
Clan of the Fiery Cross
The Dead Voice

Series Group C
The Disappearance of Clark Kent
Counterfeit Money
George Latimer Crooked Political Boss
Dead Man's Secret

Series Group D
Donelli's Protection Racket
Dr. Bly's Confidence Gang
Dr. Deutch and the Radium Mine
Dr. Roebling and the Voice Machine

Series Group E
Drought in Freeville
The Dragon's Teeth
The Curse of Dead Man's Island
The Mystery Ship
The Five Million Dollar Gold Heist
The White Plague

Series Group F
The Mystery of the Sleeping Beauty
The Hate Mongers Organization
The Secret Rocket

Series Group G
The Skin Game
The Talking Cat
The Secret of Meteor Island
Fur Smuggling
Hans Hobin's Doll Factory
Happyland Amusement Park

Series Group H
Horace Morton's Weather Predictions
Horatio F. Horn: Detective
Hunger, Inc.
Is There Another Superman
Knights of the White Carnation
Last of the Clipper Ships

Series Group I
Looking for Kryptonite
Lost Continent of Atlantis
Metropolis Football Team Poisoned
Mystery in Arabia
Mystery of the Lost Planet

Series Group J
Nita the Leopard Woman
Pennies for Plunder
Pillar of Fire at Graves End
Professor Thorpe's Bathysphere
Story of the Century

Series Group K
Superman Vs. Kryptonite
The Atom Man
The Black Narcissus

Series Group L
The Black Pearl of Osiris
The Crossword Puzzle Mystery
The Flood
The Ghost Brigade
The Ghost Car
The Grayson Submarine

Series Group M
The Headless Indian
The Invisible Man
The Kingdom Under The Sea
The Mechanical Man
The Monkey Burglar

Series Group N
The Mystery of the Dragon's Teeth
The Pan-Am Highway
The Phantom of the Sea
The Man Without a Face

Series Group O
The Mystery of the Stolen Costume
The Nitrate Shipment
The Phony Housing Racket
The Phony Inheritance Racket
The Phony Restaurant Racket

Series Group P
Crooked Oil Association
Lighthouse Point Smugglers
The Mayan Treasure
The Phony Song Publishing Company
The Scarlet Widow
The Meteor from Krypton
The Secret Letter

Series Group Q
The Secret Menace Strikes
The Silver Arrow
The Super Sleuth
The Midnight Intruder
The Secret Menace Strikes
The Secret of the Genie

Series Group R
The Tiny Men
The Mystery of the Golden Nail
The New German Weapon
The Mystery of the Silver Buffalo
The Space Shell
The Tin Men